Seismic/Blast Monitoring

Using state-of-the-art blast monitoring equipment provides the capability for real time analysis of frequency and peak velocity data in the field. Data can be analyzed on site, using computer downloading or hard copy printouts. Through plots of frequency versus peak particle velocities on United States Bureau of Mines (USBM) and office of Surface Mining (OSM) graphs; contractors, concerned citizens and regulatory officials can work to develop a custom site specific blast monitoring program. Using the right equipment and a good monitoring program allows for a more informed decision making process for all parties involved.

Pre-Blast Survey
  • Video and photographs of pre-blast conditions
  • Field report of pre-blast observations
  • Water quality testing of pre-blast conditions
  • Well yield testing
Blast Monitoring
  • Written blast monitoring programs
  • Seismographic recording of ground vibration
  • Air blast recording of blast event
  • Explosive loading and delay recording
  • Individual blast event records with peak particle velocity, USM/USBM graphs and TLV graphs
Post-Blast Surveys
  • Video and photographs of post-blast conditions
  • Forensic analysis of damaged structures
  • Blast-damage claim reports
  • Post-blast water quality testing
  • Post-blast well yield testing

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