Field Services

FGT is an industry leader in construction management and inspection services for QA/QC of concrete, soils and asphalt testing. Our technicians maintain ACI, MCTCB, and NETTCP certifications for concrete, soils and asphalt, providing you with accurate professional results.

We have provided construction materials testing and construction management services for a wide variety of construction projects including, but not limited to highway, bridge, airport, railroad, ferry terminal, commercial and industrial facilities.

Time is money. So is information. FGT delivers field test results you need before we leave your project site. No more waiting days or weeks for the test results that you need.

  • Casting specimens
  • Slump, air content, unit weight and water-cement ratio calculations
  • Plant inspection services
  • Non-destructive testing and coring of cured cement
  • Reinforcing steel inspection
  • Vapor transmissivity testing
  • Nuclear densometer sand cone compaction testing
  • Stockpile and in-place sampling of soils and aggregates
  • Field CBR (California Bearing Ratio) testing
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Thin lift nuclear densometer compaction testing
  • HMA and aggregate sampling
  • Core sampling