Hydrogeology & Geological

FGT has extensive experience in the developing and implementation of groundwater characterization projects. These projects range from the installation of monitoring wells for groundwater level measuring, obtaining groundwater samples for chemical analyses, to the installation of small domestic and large-scale municipal water supplies.

FGT utilizes a variety of modeling techniques to simulate groundwater flow and solute transport in hydrologic systems. Modeling investigations are an integral part of projects involving groundwater resources development and management, soil and groundwater contamination assessment and remediation, artificial groundwater recharge, and construction dewatering.

Services Include:
  • Soil and Bedrock Aquifer Characterization
  • Monitoring Well Installation & Abandonment
  • Groundwater Mounding Analysis
  • Nitrate-Nitrogen Impact Assessment
  • Water Quality Evaluation
  • Groundwater Pumping Test Analysis
  • Contaminant Transport & Groundwater Modeling
  • Well Head Protection Studies
  • Bedrock and Soil Mapping
  • Fracture Trace Analysis
  • Seismic Risk Analysis
  • Terrain Conductivity and Resistivity Surveys
  • Bedrock Excavation and Rippability Studies